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CSIR Project Categories

R&D activities being pursued at CSIR includes Fast Track Translation Projects (FTT), Fast Track Commercialization Projects (FTC), Mission Mode projects (MMP), and New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NMITLI) which are technology/product oriented. CSIR also peruses projects such as Focused Basic Research (FBR) Projects, Niche Creating High Science/ High Technology Projects (NCP) and Bilateral Projects for high end basic research and niche creation purposes including international & national collaborations.

FTT, FTC, NCP and FBR projects are mapped under eight innovative themes which supports multidisciplinary and trans-disciplinary approaches, meets the mandate of CSIR and provides a novel rapid interface for stakeholders. These themes are: Aerospace, Electronics, and Instrumentation & Strategic Sectors (AEIS); Civil Infrastructure & Engineering (CIE); Ecology, Environment, Earth & Ocean Sciences and Water (E3OW); Mining, Minerals, Metals and Materials (4M); Chemicals (including leather) and Petrochemicals (CIP); Energy (conventional and non-conventional) and Energy devices (EED);Agri, Nutrition & Biotech (ANB); and Healthcare. (HTC).

Fast Track Translational (FTT) (78)

Fast Track Translational (FTT) research projects addresses national goals including problems of common man. These are oriented towards technology/product development with relatively short term outcomes (18 to 24 months) with clear solutions to pre-defined problems and challengesClose to market (Outcome higher TRL technologies, generally starts with TRL3), business plan driven


Fast Track Commercialization (FTC) (22)

Fast Track Commercialization (FTC) research projects are positioned to create new business opportunities or expand existing businesses. Commonly these are of 6 to 12 months, starting with minimum TRL as 4, or follow-on from top rated FTT Projects in last review. Multiple CSIR institutional partners/facilities are harnessed for the FTC.


Niche Creating High Science/ High Technology (NCP) (58)

Niche Creating High Science/ High Technology (NCP) research Projects are based on a niche already created by a group in the laboratory of CSIR at national level and it is focused on retaining the leadership achieved, aimed at global leadership, The most common duration for NCP is 24 months.


Focused Basic Research (FBR) (133)

Focused Basic Research (FBR) Projects are high end basic research projects, typically where an initial Proof of Concept is already indicated with TRL as 1-2. The normal duration for the FBR project is 12 to 24 months


Mission Mode Projects (MMP) (9)

Mission Mode Projects (MMP) are research projects with significant stakeholder focus, targeting cutting edge, internationally benchmarked cost effective technologies of high national impact with proposal to be implemented. The projects focus on time-bound deliverables and outcomes, with 3-5 year timeframe. Some examples include programs on Aroma, Phyto-pharmaceuticals, Cotton, Sickle Cell Anemia, Chemical Intermediates & API and Catalysis.



CSIR-New Millennium Indian Technology Leadership Initiative (NMITLI) is a historic Program. It exhorts the scientific community to take up the challenge to create Indian Science that will lead and not follow. The projects under the program focus on areas which fulfill national objectives and based on partnership between the Government and Private sector. Both ‘push’ and ‘pull’ type of projects are evolved under NMITLI, which are appropriately classified as (i) Nationally Evolved Projects (NEP) and (ii) Industry Originated Projects (IOP).


Bilateral and Multilateral Collaborative (2)

The Bilateral and Multilateral Projects (BMP) of CSIR are aimed towards reinforcing mutual R&D capabilities AT global level and are implemented through cooperation modes (exploratory visits;joint meetings, workshops;joint research projects; setting up joint/associated laboratories with worldwide reputed institutions including joint research and training centers. The CSIR International R&D Collaboration projects are mostly focused on eight thematic approach of CSIR.


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